Beginner’s Guide To Superhero Movies

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Over the last 5 decades or so, comic book based movies have burst into the collective consciousness of theatre goers everywhere. By Batman and Superman, to anti-hero protagonists like The Punisher and Deadpool, these movies are revolutionizing the idea of a personality”Universe” where all of the movies, heroes and villains, and settings occur within one giant universe. It can be daunting to try to figure out everything but fortunately it’s possible to learn a lot through these 3 fundamental concepts. Here’s the beginners guide to superhero films.

Iron man starts the production of the Marvel Universe where you’re introduced to Tony Stark, the genius billionaire scientist who’s revolutionizing the army with the creation of his new weaponry. In this first movie, you find the growth of Stark Industries and the production of Iron Man. As the plot twists and turns between fighting terrorism on a global scale, betrayal within his own ranks, and battle with the authorities and other superhero associations, you start to construct the cities and world in which we find lots of the comic book stories.

After Iron Man 1 and 2, The Hulk, and Thor, You’re introduced to the concept of the Avengers with the introduction to Captain America in his first movie. He’s rejected over and over again until he’s accepted into a super soldier program that turns him into Captain America. Leading the battle against the HYDRA corp, Captain America takes on evil and becomes the first Avenger from the sequence.

In 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy goes on to become a massive blockbuster hit. Incorporating many of fresh characters in the Marvel Universe, this movie also expands the capacity for worlds in addition to incorporates a new flavor of humor and brevity to it. It ties and links the entire world of Thor into other movies and maintains several storylines from different films. With its comedy, incredible weaponry, jokes, and remarkable soundtrack- Guardians of the Galaxy took the Universe into a complete different direction and thickness.

Not all Marvel story lines arrive in theater movies. Some became quite popular series’ on internet movie streaming sites. Daredevil became an immediate hit with its hard hitting plot lines, back stories, and fantastic acting. Occurring in new cities and enlarging the protagonists’ worlds and preferences, these distinct sets of show did a excellent job setting up for after movies.
Spider-Man Homecoming, although not the latest movie, seems to be the most recent concerning building the Marvel universe. Peter Parker is trying to utilize his new found spidey senses once and for all. But with great power comes great responsibility and Peter begins to realize that being Spider-Man is more than simply using your abilities, it requires maturity, self-control, subject, and decision making abilities that no mere adolescent – no matter super powers and abilities – can make by themselves.

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