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Some people do not like where they work… at all. They might even hate who they report . And because their work environment is indeed”poisonous”, they choose to withhold their very best quality of work. “THIS PLACE doesn’t deserve the best I have to offer you. I will come to work, just do what’s expected of me, collect my paycheck, and go home.” Do you know anybody like this?

The issue with this line of thinking is that if you choose to provide the bare minimum, then finally you’ll be comfortable giving the bare minimum. Yes, you’d have unknowingly shaped not only a custom, but a bad habit. Sooner or later, you might not even know what excellent work resembles… and start to think that you’re not capable of being outstanding. To be excellent is what you’re called to be, and to be exceptional is exactly what you’re called to.

As it was a limited service hotel, ordering room service wasn’t an option. The worker explained,”Our restaurant has closed, so tea will be available in the morning for breakfast”. Click.

Now, I clearly knew that warm water and hot water needed to be accessible somewhere on the house, but I chose to wait and talk to the supervisor in the morning. When I spoke with the manager the following morning, he had been angry about what happened and even showed me that the worker mini-break area that was just a couple feet behind the front desk. The rest area had a fridge, and the fridge was piled with… wait for it… tea! All kinds of tea.

Here are a few reasons why the front desk agent may have reacted the way he did:

A) He legitimately did not know there was tea accessible (yeah right).

B) He’s just comfortable working within the strict parameters of his job.

C) He does not enjoy his job where he works and has chosen to not perform one more ounce than he absolutely has to.

As difficult as it could be, you have to push through any disdain that you might have and honor your function, honor that you’re serving and honor yourself. Sooner or later, each individual must make a decision about how exceptional he/she wishes to be, no matter the work environment. Finally, it can be very fatiguing to continuously strive for excellence in a work environment which you can not stand to maintain.

If that’s the case, see if you can address your discontentment with the proper individuals, or find someplace else to do the job. Search for a business which has values that mirror your own.Ultimately, it is important to work for a company that you believe in.

Fixing Your Service

Some people have a habit of adjusting their support based on how important they think a specific customer is. One reason that’s so dangerous is because you never know that you’re serving or what their situation may be. We’ve got no right to deal with anyone as though they are”a client”. Every client has a story and it’s our duty to honor that client whatever the story could be.

Never again be lulled into the fallacy that it is OK to provide the bare minimum. Savagely battle that fallacy with all you’ve got. Be exceptional regardless of the work environment. While that certainly can occur, try to discover a team, manager and business that enable you to work one of many islands of excellence within a sea happy to have you there.

In the long run, service has a goal, and a noble goal in that. We serve because functioning is a fantastic thing, and great things are worthy to be exalted. There’s value to your role. There’s purpose to your function. If you really know what that means, then you have the capacity to impact lives, one client at a time.

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